Alessio Zaccone - Top Italian Scientist in Physics
Born in 1981, after a PhD at ETH Zurich he has been on the faculty of Technical University Munich, University of Cambridge, and University of Milan. In 2011 with his student E. Scossa-Romano he analytically solved the elasticity problem of random sphere packings and elastic random networks. Later he developed the an equation (Krausser, Samwer, Zaccone PNAS 2015) for the viscosity of liquids and a molecular-level theory of the glass transition based on thermoelasticity, the latter with E. Terentjev. With K. Trachenko, he discovered and mathematically predicted that the low-frequency shear modulus of liquids scales with the inverse cubic power of the (sub-millimeter) confinement length, a law that has been observed experimentally in many different systems. More recently, he has developed a systematic theory of phonon-mediated superconductivity, which extends the BCS theory to materials with anharmonicity, disorder and to high-pressure materials.

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Rank: 350
H-Index: 33
Citations: 3200
Nation: Italy
Area: physics - condensed matter
Macroarea: Physics
Italian Institution(s): Università degli Studi di Milano
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