Lorenzo Peruzzi - Top Italian Scientist in Natural & Environmental Sciences
Lorenzo Peruzzi (born December 1, 1975) is an Italian botanist. His research interest lies in taxonomic and systematic studies on vascular plants, with a special focus on Italian endemics, lilioid bulbous geophytes and carnivorous plants. He is also interested in cytotaxonomy of Italian (and Mediterranean) flora, plant ecology and conservation, and online databasing of karyological and floristic data (Chrobase.it and Wikiplantbase projects).
Botany Flora Taxonomy Systematics Biodiversity Evolution

Rank: 239
H-Index: 36
Citations: 8467
Nation: Italy
Area: Botany
Macroarea: Natural & Environmental Sciences
Italian Institution(s): Università di Pisa
Email: lorenzo.peruzzi@unipi.it
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