Delia Goletti - Top Italian Scientist in Biomedical Sciences
Delia Goletti MD, PhD, is an Infectious Diseases specialist, responsible of the Translational Research Unit at the National Institute for Infectious Diseases in Rome, Italy. She has clinical duties in the Lung Infectious Diseases outpatient clinic. Her research focus is on tuberculosis immune pathogenesis, tuberculosis immunodiagnostic tests, biomarkers, autophagy, impact of helminth infection on HIV and tuberculosis disease, impact of immune-suppressive therapy on infectious diseases. She also works on the immune-pathogenesis of echinococcosis.
tuberculosis  echinococcosis  COVID-19  immune response to pathogens  autophagy 

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Rank: 536
H-Index: 59
Citations: 18446
Nation: Italy
Area: microbiology - medicine
Macroarea: Biomedical Sciences
Italian Institution: INMI Spallanzani
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Last Update: 14 May 2020