Francesco Tornabene - Top Italian Scientist in Engineering
Francesco Tornabene (nicknamed by his students: "The Lord of The Shells and Beyond") was born in Bologna, January 13, 1978. Degree in Mechanical Engineering (Struct. Mech.) at University of Bologna on 23/07/2003. Title of Thesis: "Dynamic Behavior of Cylindrical Shells: Formulation and Solution". Ph.D. in "Structural Mechanics" at University of Bologna on 31/05/2007. Title of PhD Thesis: "Modeling and Solution of Shell Structures Made of Anisotropic Materials". Assistant Professor at University of Salento.
Theory of Shells  Plates  Arches & Beams  Generalized Differential Quadrature Method & Finite Element Method (GDQM & FEM)  Strong and Weak Formulation Finite Element Methods (SFEM & WFEM)  Fracture Mechanics: Piezoelectric Materials  Stability of Equilibrium: Non-Conservative Forces  Strong Formulation IsoGeometric Analysis  Weak Formulation IsoGeometric Analysis 

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Rank: 35
H-Index: 61
Citations: 9239
Nation: Italy
Area: engineering - mechanics
Macroarea: Engineering
Italian Institution: Università del Salento
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