Bernardo Spagnolo - Top Italian Scientist in Physics
Full Professor of Theoretical Physics, Palermo University.
Director of the International School on “Nonequilibrium Phenomena”, Ettore Majorana Center, Erice. Fellow of the American Physical Society. PhD in Nuclear Engineering and Master Degree in Physics. Since 1980 he has published extensively, more than 190 papers and 5 volumes of “Special Issues”, across platforms such as the Physical Review Letters, Physical Review E, B, A, JSTAT, PlosOne, Scientific Research. He has pursued a number of research interests including radiofrequency apparatus for low energy accelerators, interaction of radiation with matter, and nonequilibrium statistical mechanics and physics of complex systems in classical and quantum systems. His extensive work in peer review (88 Journals), editorial contribution and wider international academic activity earned him the Outstanding Referees of the Physical Review and Physical Review Letters, Chaos Soliton & Fractals, Physics Letters A, Physica A, Comm. in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation, and Membership of the Scientific Council of PhD School at the Lobachevsky National Research University of N. Novgorod (N.N.), Russia. Visiting Professor at Lobachevsky University of N.N., Lomonosov, Moscow (Russia); Humboldt-University in Berlin; Max-Planck Institut fur Physik Komplexer Systeme, Dresden, Germany; Jagellonian University (Poland). Project Coordinator of International Ph.D. with Lomonosov Moscow University and Lobachevsky N.N. University (Russia).
 Chairman of the International PhD in Applied Physics and Vice-Coordinator of the International PhD in Physical Sciences. Principal Investigator of many International and National Research Projects. Scientific Leader of the Interdisciplinary Theoretical Physics Group at the Palermo University. Member of the editorial board of Physical Review E. Editor of Chaos, Solitons & Fractals, Interdisciplinary Physics Section of Cogent Physics, Mathematical Problems in Engineering, Member of Editorial Board of Entropy. He has given distinguished contributions to the theory of noise-induced phenomena, relaxation dynamics in metastable systems, and interdisciplinary applications in biological systems and ecosystems. Member of EPS, APS, and SIFS. Additionally, he continues to undertake pioneering research and teach degree courses at the University of Palermo.
Out of equilibrium statistical mechanics noise-induced phenomena in complex systems open quantum systems and topological phase transitions.

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Rank: 62
H-Index: 61
Citations: 8179
Nation: Italy
Area: physics
Macroarea: Physics
Italian Institution(s): Università degli Studi di Palermo and Lobachevsky University of Nizhny Novgorod (UNN), Russia
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